Log for #openttdcoop.stable on 28th October 2012:
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00:15:48  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> hi player
00:30:42  <Stablean> *** Player has left the game (leaving)
00:31:58  <Stablean> *** happy tran sport has joined spectators
00:41:11  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> ok good night  all  nhave fun  on the new mape that if u get won   bb
00:41:18  <Stablean> <ARyan> night
00:42:56  <Stablean> *** happy tran sport has left the game (leaving)
00:50:09  <Stablean> *** ARyan has left the game (leaving)
00:50:09  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
01:08:18  <Stablean> *** Game still paused (number of players)
01:08:18  <Stablean> *** Woodbutcher joined the game
01:11:50  <Stablean> *** Woodbutcher has joined company #2
01:11:50  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
01:31:45  <Stablean> *** Cameron has left the game (general timeout)
01:31:45  <Stablean> *** Cameron has left the game (connection lost)
02:07:52  <Stablean> *** Cameron joined the game
02:55:48  <Stablean> *** Cedna joined the game
02:55:57  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> hiya
02:56:00  <Stablean> <Cedna> hi
03:12:23  <Stablean> *** Cedna has left the game (leaving)
03:36:51  *** MinchinWeb has joined #openttdcoop.stable
03:40:34  *** MinchinWeb has left #openttdcoop.stable
03:44:44  <Stablean> *** Diablo has left the game (processing map took too long)
03:44:44  <Stablean> *** Diablo has left the game (connection lost)
03:45:15  <Stablean> *** Diablo joined the game
03:45:22  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> hiya
03:45:24  <Stablean> <Diablo> hi wood
03:49:30  <Stablean> *** Diablo has joined company #3
03:50:14  <Stablean> *** Diablo has joined spectators
03:50:44  <Stablean> *** Diablo has left the game (leaving)
03:58:34  <Sylf> !date
03:58:34  <Stablean> Sylf: 13 Feb 2219
04:03:57  <Stablean> *** Sylf joined the game
04:04:04  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> hi
04:04:12  <Stablean> <Sylf> hi
04:08:14  <Stablean> *** Sylf has left the game (leaving)
04:09:30  <Sylf> !players
04:09:33  <Stablean> Sylf: Client 132 is Cameron, a spectator
04:09:33  <Stablean> Sylf: Client 130 (Green) is Woodbutcher, in company 2 (happy tran sport Transport)
05:11:12  <Stablean> *** Woodbutcher has left the game (leaving)
05:11:12  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
05:12:13  <Stablean> *** Player has started a new company (#12)
05:12:16  <Stablean> *** Game still paused (number of players)
05:12:16  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
05:12:16  <Stablean> *** Player has joined spectators
05:12:16  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
05:12:22  <Stablean> <Player> hello?
05:12:41  <Stablean> <Player> anyone?
05:13:24  <Stablean> *** Player has left the game (leaving)
06:38:13  *** ODM has joined #openttdcoop.stable
06:38:13  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
09:02:15  <Stablean> *** Game still paused (number of players)
09:02:15  <Stablean> *** Dom joined the game
09:03:01  <Stablean> *** Dom has left the game (leaving)
09:23:03  *** Jam35 has joined #openttdcoop.stable
09:49:44  <Jam35> !playercount
09:49:44  <Stablean> Jam35: Number of players: 1 (1 spectators)
11:04:22  <Stablean> *** Game still paused (number of players)
11:04:22  <Stablean> *** humbro91 joined the game
11:12:50  <Stablean> *** humbro91 has joined company #5
11:12:50  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
11:38:06  <Stablean> *** humbro91 has left the game (leaving)
11:38:06  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
12:27:04  <Stablean> *** Game still paused (number of players)
12:27:04  <Stablean> *** happy tran sport joined the game
13:48:12  *** ODM has quit IRC
15:01:14  <Stablean> *** Game still paused (number of players)
15:01:15  <Stablean> *** Woodbutcher joined the game
15:01:27  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> hi guys
15:07:46  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> hi wood
15:14:21  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> hi happy how'things?
15:15:55  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> good thanks
15:16:06  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> how things wood
15:16:20  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> good too thanks
15:17:22  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> 2 farms popped up last night at pony bacon so i connected them
15:17:40  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> how  chanch  the goods tran goods  cargo
15:17:46  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> nice
15:18:06  <Stablean> *** Game still paused (number of players)
15:18:08  <Stablean> *** humbro91 joined the game
15:18:10  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> yeah did those too, cause the wagons hold 60 more goods
15:18:32  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> ar ok
15:18:50  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> and i found out the wood trains going to dripping beam valley were turning around in weird places
15:19:04  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> so I added  another entrance/exit
15:19:10  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> nice
15:19:40  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> and I cleaned up nan jail coal mine
15:19:50  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> nice
15:21:00  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> hi  humbro91
15:21:46  <Stablean> *** Woodbutcher has joined company #2
15:21:46  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
15:21:56  <Stablean> *** happy tran sport has joined company #2
15:43:14  <Stablean> *** Woodbutcher has joined spectators
15:46:42  <Stablean> *** happy tran sport has joined spectators
15:46:42  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
15:53:28  <Stablean> *** humbro91 has left the game (leaving)
15:54:21  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> be back later
15:54:22  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> cya
15:54:57  <Stablean> *** Woodbutcher has left the game (leaving)
16:02:02  <Stablean> *** Game still paused (number of players)
16:02:03  <Stablean> *** Raul joined the game
16:02:14  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> hi raul
16:02:20  <Stablean> <Raul> hi
16:07:28  <Stablean> *** Raul has joined company #4
16:07:28  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
16:08:10  <Stablean> <Raul> happy you ar the awesome network ever
16:08:21  <Stablean> <Raul> you have
16:08:31  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> yep
16:08:41  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> we and   wood did it
16:09:03  <Stablean> <Raul> :)
16:10:21  <Stablean> *** Raul has joined spectators
16:10:21  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
16:10:36  <Stablean> *** Raul has left the game (leaving)
16:14:35  *** Woodbutcher has joined #openttdcoop.stable
16:15:07  <Woodbutcher> !date
16:15:07  <Stablean> Woodbutcher: 18 May 2228
16:20:48  <Woodbutcher> !players
16:20:51  <Stablean> Woodbutcher: Client 132 is Cameron, a spectator
16:20:51  <Stablean> Woodbutcher: Client 156 is happy tran sport, a spectator
16:24:09  <Stablean> *** Game still paused (number of players)
16:24:09  <Stablean> *** Jam35 joined the game
16:25:31  <Stablean> *** Game still paused (number of players)
16:26:17  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> hi jam35
16:26:27  <Stablean> <Jam35> hi
16:26:57  <Stablean> *** Player has left the game (leaving)
16:27:13  <Stablean> *** Jam35 has joined company #8
16:27:13  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
16:48:03  <Stablean> *** Niko joined the game
16:48:08  <Stablean> <Niko> hi
16:48:26  <Stablean> <Jam35> hi
16:49:04  <Stablean> <Niko> I was away during the summertime but now when winter is coming, I'm back
16:53:08  <Stablean> *** Jam35 has joined spectators
16:53:08  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
16:53:23  <Stablean> <Jam35> bfn
16:53:27  <Stablean> *** Jam35 has left the game (leaving)
16:57:43  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> hi  niko
17:05:59  <Stablean> *** Game still paused (number of players)
17:06:00  <Stablean> *** humbro91 joined the game
17:06:47  <Stablean> *** humbro91 has left the game (leaving)
17:15:04  <Stablean> <Niko> hi happy
17:15:38  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> lone time no seen
17:16:28  <Stablean> *** Niko has left the game (general timeout)
17:16:28  <Stablean> *** Niko has left the game (connection lost)
17:36:37  <Stablean> *** Game still paused (number of players)
17:36:45  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> hi player
17:36:51  <Stablean> <Player> hi
17:37:37  <Stablean> *** Player has left the game (general timeout)
17:37:37  <Stablean> *** Player has left the game (connection lost)
17:38:03  <Stablean> *** Game still paused (number of players)
17:38:04  <Stablean> *** 12345678 joined the game
17:38:17  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> hi123
17:40:23  <Stablean> <12345678> whats with the pause
17:40:49  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> be cours no won  ar  in the cumpaney
17:41:15  <Stablean> *** 12345678 has joined company #5
17:41:15  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
17:41:21  <Stablean> <12345678> now i am
17:41:55  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> yep but thats not your cumpaney
17:42:05  <Stablean> <12345678> sue me
17:42:39  <Stablean> <12345678> its pretty much filled up anyway, bye
17:42:45  <Stablean> *** 12345678 has left the game (leaving)
17:42:45  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
17:42:53  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> bb
18:02:57  <Stablean> *** Game still paused (number of players)
18:02:57  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
18:02:58  <Stablean> *** ARyan joined the game
18:03:07  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> hi
18:03:21  <Stablean> <ARyan> ello
18:03:31  <Stablean> <ARyan> thought we would have a new map by now lol
18:04:10  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> chris  have a new mape  so we have  to wae in till he cumes
18:04:28  <Stablean> <ARyan> cool;
18:04:50  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> yep
18:16:01  <Stablean> *** Woodbutcher joined the game
18:16:06  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> wb wood
18:16:12  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> thanks happy
18:16:38  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> same map huh
18:16:42  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> yep
18:16:44  <Stablean> <ARyan> hello wood
18:16:50  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> hi ryan how's things?
18:16:56  <Stablean> <ARyan> good thanks u
18:17:07  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> good thanks
18:17:14  <Stablean> <ARyan> sweet
18:18:29  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> wow this iron ore mine is at 2k production
18:18:43  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> nice
18:19:01  <Stablean> <ARyan> yeah i have one at 2.2 max, as i do a wood factory
18:19:11  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> cool
18:19:33  <Stablean> <ARyan> infact producing nearly 4k goods
18:20:19  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> nice
18:36:58  <Stablean> <Henri> hi
18:36:59  <Stablean> *** Henri joined the game
18:37:02  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> hi
18:37:02  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> hi
18:40:25  <Stablean> *** Henri has left the game (leaving)
18:47:42  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> ok  got to go for my diner  so i mite mice the new  game   back later
18:50:45  <Stablean> *** happy tran sport has left the game (leaving)
18:55:02  <Stablean> *** Woodbutcher has joined company #2
18:56:50  <Stablean> *** Diablo joined the game
18:56:58  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> hi
18:57:08  <Stablean> <Diablo> hi
18:58:20  <Stablean> *** Dr-Dinosaur joined the game
18:58:24  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> Hello :)
18:58:30  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> hi dr
18:58:30  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> Any idea when a new map is coming up?
18:58:33  <Stablean> <Diablo> hi dr d
18:58:44  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> Hello Diablo :)
19:05:04  <Stablean> *** Diablo has left the game (leaving)
19:12:53  <Ammler> !playercount
19:12:53  <Stablean> Ammler: Number of players: 4 (1 spectators)
19:34:11  <Stablean> *** Dr-Dinosaur has left the game (leaving)
19:42:23  <Stablean> *** Cameron has started a new company (#12)
19:54:28  <Stablean> *** Raul joined the game
19:55:01  <Stablean> *** happy tran sport joined the game
19:55:22  <Stablean> *** happy tran sport has joined company #2
19:55:30  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> backe
19:55:44  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> wb happy
19:55:51  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> thanks
20:07:19  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> change your mind, ryan?
20:07:53  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> i bet those 6 passangers are upset :)
20:08:20  <Stablean> <ARyan> ?
20:08:30  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> were you doing an oil rig?
20:08:53  <Stablean> <ARyan> oh lol yeah, only cant have any oil ref
20:09:08  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> oh?  Cant fund one?
20:09:18  <Stablean> <ARyan> nope it dont work
20:09:32  <Stablean> <ARyan> there isnt one one the map either
20:09:59  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> hmm wonder why not
20:10:11  <Stablean> <ARyan> must be broken
20:10:33  <Stablean> <ARyan> its like having banks with no dimond mines
20:10:48  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> yeah or non-alcoholic beer :)
20:11:03  <Stablean> <ARyan> lol yeah
20:12:02  <Stablean> *** Raul has joined spectators
20:12:29  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> there's 1 oil well on the map
20:12:45  <Stablean> <Raul> where
20:12:48  <Stablean> <ARyan> lol thats usless then
20:13:11  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> by twig road bank
20:13:33  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> you could get to 2 oil rigs from this island too, I think
20:13:43  <Stablean> <ARyan> good ole twig road
20:14:01  <Stablean> <ARyan> yeah but no where to take it lol
20:14:15  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> stockpile it :)
20:15:01  <Stablean> <ARyan> yeah i suppose you could do that
20:15:11  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> save it for the next map :)
20:15:15  <Stablean> <ARyan> lol
20:15:23  <Stablean> *** Raul has joined company #6
20:15:32  <Stablean> <ARyan> might take a bath in it
20:15:34  <Stablean> *** Raul has joined spectators
20:16:18  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> now that's just silly
20:16:29  <Stablean> <ARyan> why im a robot
20:16:40  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> :)
20:17:51  <Stablean> *** Raul has joined company #11
20:17:59  <Stablean> *** Raul has joined spectators
20:23:20  <Stablean> *** Raul has joined company #4
20:26:00  <Stablean> *** Raul has joined spectators
20:29:32  <Stablean> *** Raul has joined company #4
20:29:45  <Stablean> *** Raul has joined spectators
20:51:57  *** Jam35 has quit IRC
20:56:15  <Stablean> *** Diablo joined the game
20:56:34  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> hi diablo
20:56:38  <Stablean> *** Diablo has left the game (general timeout)
20:56:38  <Stablean> *** Diablo has left the game (connection lost)
20:57:44  <Stablean> *** Diablo joined the game
20:57:56  <Stablean> *** Woodbutcher has joined spectators
20:58:16  <Stablean> <Diablo> hi
20:58:22  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> hiya
20:58:22  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> hi
20:59:20  <Stablean> <Diablo> major lag
20:59:38  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> blame Ryan
20:59:53  <Stablean> <Diablo> y?
21:00:00  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> why not :)
21:00:18  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> lol just seeing if he's paying attention
21:00:58  <Stablean> <Diablo> ill blame u cuz u want me to blame an innocent person
21:01:20  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> you think ryan is innocent?
21:01:54  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> ok blame me, tis fair
21:02:08  <Stablean> <Diablo> hes not doing anything wrong
21:02:26  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> i know, was just joking
21:03:28  <Stablean> <Diablo> any1 kno wen \nemap starts?
21:03:58  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> i think chris said he was making one, so i guess whenever he logs on
21:05:08  <Stablean> <Diablo> that may b a is 10 pm in uk
21:05:47  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> yep  or sum won make a mape and send it to a admin
21:05:49  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> i gotta read V's guide on making maps a few times and play with the diff newgrfs before I make one
21:06:33  <Stablean> <Diablo> iv made a map once...
21:07:21  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> well upload it
21:07:47  <Stablean> <Diablo> thn i deleted all files to do with this game to make some more space on my hdd
21:08:09  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> ah..
21:11:39  <Stablean> *** Diablo has left the game (leaving)
21:15:23  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> be back later, cyas
21:15:27  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> bb
21:15:33  <Stablean> *** Woodbutcher has left the game (leaving)
21:15:38  <Stablean> *** happy tran sport has joined spectators
21:16:34  *** Speedy has joined #openttdcoop.stable
21:36:08  <Stablean> *** lokimuh joined the game
21:42:54  <Stablean> *** lokimuh has left the game (leaving)
21:56:59  <Stablean> *** Phillip joined the game
21:57:04  <Stablean> <Phillip> hi
21:57:08  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> hi
21:57:12  <Stablean> <ARyan> hi
22:00:48  <Stablean> *** humbro91 joined the game
22:03:12  <Stablean> *** humbro91 has left the game (leaving)
22:12:12  <Stablean> *** Player has started a new company (#13)
22:12:16  <Stablean> *** Player has joined spectators
22:12:25  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> hi player
22:12:35  <Stablean> <Player> hello
22:13:13  <Stablean> *** Player has started a new company (#14)
22:15:43  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> dont dooo ships player  its the runing cose
22:17:15  <Stablean> *** Dr-Dinosaur joined the game
22:17:19  <Stablean> *** Player has left the game (leaving)
22:17:21  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> hi dr
22:17:23  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> Hello agian :P
22:40:43  <Stablean> *** Raul has joined company #4
22:41:05  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> Raul, did you delete your train line for the coal?
22:41:27  <Stablean> <Raul> no i didnt
22:41:37  <Stablean> <Raul> i buil road
22:41:43  <Stablean> <Raul> vehicles
22:41:47  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> There was a train line right next to Anon Woo
22:41:50  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> But it's gone now
22:41:58  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> And that makes me happy, but moderately concerned
22:42:01  <Stablean> <Raul> yeah i know thAt
22:42:31  <Stablean> <Raul> that was  a nother company befor i buy a company
22:42:41  <Stablean> <Raul> and that train
22:42:47  <Stablean> <Raul> i saw afthere
22:44:13  <Stablean> *** happy tran sport has joined company #2
22:44:33  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> how was at that coal mine ferst see this raul
22:45:44  <Stablean> *** Phillip has joined company #2
22:51:13  <Stablean> *** Raul has joined spectators
22:51:49  <Stablean> *** Raul has joined company #4
22:53:29  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> dr u got a tran q
22:53:53  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> Aye, I think I need more platforms :p
22:54:00  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> yep
22:56:28  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> dus eney no  how was ferst at this coal mine
22:56:46  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> I don't know
22:56:52  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> That was like 300 years ago
22:57:14  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> heem ok
23:11:21  <Stablean> *** Raul has joined spectators
23:16:26  <Stablean> *** Jasperthecat1 has started a new company (#13)
23:16:29  <Stablean> *** Jasperthecat1 joined the game
23:17:49  <Stablean> *** Phillip has joined spectators
23:17:54  <Stablean> *** happy tran sport has joined spectators
23:20:23  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> Hello.
23:20:29  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> hi
23:20:49  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> I'm trying to find a good industry...
23:21:24  <Stablean> <Phillip> hi
23:21:34  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> its ver late in the game now so it mite be hard to start
23:21:44  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> Thanks.
23:21:58  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> Thanks for telling me.
23:22:05  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> we ar wateing for a new  mape
23:22:28  <Stablean> <Phillip> once someone has made one, then it'll start over
23:24:06  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> What year does it end?
23:24:17  <Stablean> *** Woodbutcher joined the game
23:24:22  <Stablean> <ARyan> hi wb
23:24:24  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> It never ends :po
23:24:31  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> hi ryan
23:24:33  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> I mean the map.
23:24:35  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> wbwood
23:24:37  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> hi guys
23:24:37  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> Nah, when it gets stagnent
23:24:39  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> thx
23:25:05  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> What industry do you want to try and deliver?
23:25:07  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> Coal?
23:26:03  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> when  sume won dus a  mape and snd it to a admin  in til sum won dus that this mape keeps going  jasper
23:26:25  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> ???
23:26:59  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> I can't understand you in that kind of grammar.
23:27:58  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> Basically, whenever someone submits a map to the admin, then it gets restarted, provided everyone agrees
23:28:09  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> How?
23:28:21  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> Dunno. I never submitted a map :)
23:28:34  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> Every 5 days growth
23:28:41  <planetmaker> You create a map. Make it available via some publicly accessible URL. And tell us about
23:28:51  <Stablean> *** Diablo joined the game
23:28:55  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> Thank you.
23:28:58  <planetmaker> and if the game is done, it's quite likely we'll use that map
23:29:14  <Stablean> <Woodbutcher> wb diablo
23:29:22  <Stablean> <Diablo> thx wood
23:29:24  <planetmaker> usualy conditions apply like "only newgrfs found in online content" and a few required settings (no 90° turns...)
23:29:31  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> wb diablo
23:29:33  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> I wonder how I can reset my company?
23:29:43  <Stablean> <Diablo> thx happy
23:29:49  <planetmaker> you can't reset your company. you can try bancrupt it
23:29:52  <Stablean> <Diablo> not lagging anymore
23:30:14  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> I think the lag is possibly my uber city
23:30:40  <Stablean> <Diablo> nah, its my pc
23:30:42  <planetmaker> lag... depends often on your machine alone. busy places use (much) more cpu. zooming out does so, too
23:31:00  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> I never lag, but then again I have an i7
23:31:08  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> Well I lag, but it's server side
23:31:14  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> Guess destorying trees won't help
23:31:18  <planetmaker> hehe, they get a long way with these games, yes
23:31:24  <Stablean> <Diablo> ill b getting an a10 soon
23:31:40  <planetmaker> trees don't bother you much with cpu. houses, vehicles, ... do. zoom in and it might be better, jasperthecatl
23:32:08  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> I meant destorying trees to make my company bankrupt.
23:32:25  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> I like destroying trees in toyland :)
23:32:27  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> doo a ship
23:32:30  <Stablean> <Diablo> build a ship
23:32:40  <Stablean> <Diablo> or plane
23:32:46  <Stablean> <happy tran sport> yep
23:32:48  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> It makes me feel like a nasty menace crushing fairy tails to help my company
23:33:06  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> Yep, it just went negative.
23:33:08  <Stablean> *** Jasperthecat1 has joined spectators
23:33:37  <planetmaker> jasperthecat: stop all vehicles. and bulldoze small pieces of water till you're out of money
23:33:52  <Stablean> <ARyan> or buy a boat
23:33:55  <planetmaker> make sure to not delete land or enough water. Making sure it can recover.
23:33:57  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> I don't have any vehicles, and I just used roads.
23:34:05  <planetmaker> depending on settings, a boat will work much quicker
23:34:13  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> Yes.
23:34:25  <planetmaker> if you do not have any vehicle, just log off your company and it'll get deleted automatically
23:34:29  <Stablean> <Diablo> ]
23:34:39  <Stablean> *** Diablo has left the game (general timeout)
23:34:39  <Stablean> *** Diablo has left the game (connection lost)
23:34:57  <Stablean> *** Woodbutcher has left the game (general timeout)
23:34:57  <Stablean> *** Woodbutcher has left the game (connection lost)
23:35:18  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> I'm a pro at making highway junctions.
23:35:28  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> Using one-way roads.
23:36:31  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> There we go.
23:37:25  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> Could you delete these roads at coordinates 396 x 22 x 1.
23:37:27  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> Please.
23:37:37  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> Who is that aimed at?
23:37:51  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> All of you, if you have time.
23:38:09  <Stablean> <Cameron> excuse me?
23:38:31  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> Excuse me what?
23:39:13  <Stablean> <Cameron> where are you talking about?
23:39:43  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> Hatchel Men Forest.
23:39:53  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> That's where it is.
23:40:00  <Stablean> <Cameron> so, what about it
23:40:15  <Stablean> <Cameron> you don't like my road, too bad
23:40:19  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> Nvm, i'll do it myself, delete the roads.
23:40:29  <Stablean> <Cameron> go ahead
23:40:43  <Stablean> <Jasperthecat1> Those were my roads, BTW.
23:41:01  <Stablean> *** Jasperthecat1 has started a new company (#13)
23:41:09  <Stablean> <Cameron> you don't own anything
23:42:27  *** Woodbutcher has quit IRC
23:42:59  <Stablean> *** Jasperthecat1 has joined spectators
23:43:09  <Stablean> <Cameron> what did I tell you?, LOL
23:47:47  <Stablean> *** Raul has joined company #4
23:48:28  <Stablean> *** Jasperthecat1 has left the game (leaving)
23:48:36  <Stablean> <Cameron> Fail
23:48:39  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> oops. 61million pound piece of road
23:51:53  <Stablean> <Dr-Dinosaur> Can towns grow faster than once every 8 days?
23:52:07  <Stablean> <Cameron> 4-7 days
23:56:18  <Stablean> *** Dr-Dinosaur has left the game (leaving)

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