Log for #openttdcoop.stable on 24th March 2014:
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00:17:57  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> how   the net  werk  Alpha
00:18:24  <coopserver> <Alpha> all nice i guess :D#
00:18:44  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> thats  good
00:19:06  <coopserver> <NBS> hi
00:19:10  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> hi
00:19:12  <coopserver> <Alpha> hey
00:22:19  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> i dont no y but won  day i can doo slh but not the nexs day thats so werd
00:22:28  <coopserver> <Alpha> :D
00:22:42  <coopserver> <Alpha> its always different
00:22:51  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> yep
00:23:25  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> i need  3 or  4 mor  slh be for i can doo goods  and food
00:25:59  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> when we get  maps  like this i   dont play  be cours  u get players crosing  the net werk  but    ther was so much  copper  on the map i had to doo it
00:26:14  <coopserver> <Alpha> rofl
00:26:19  <coopserver> <Alpha> i saw that
00:28:10  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> i mite   get jam to help me to doo sume slh  to mor
00:29:45  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> i dont think this map going to larst  ver lone when we have 15 companys
00:32:26  <coopserver> *** NBS has left the game (Leaving)
00:39:06  <coopserver> <Alpha> HAPPY
00:39:17  <coopserver> <Alpha> U ARE ALL OVER THE MAP  :D
00:40:06  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> not all map
00:40:16  <coopserver> <Alpha> half? :D
00:40:49  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> i got  harf  and u got the uver  harf ov the map
00:40:58  <coopserver> <Alpha> no way
00:41:06  <coopserver> <Alpha> i got 1/4
00:41:15  <coopserver> <Alpha> pink 1/4
00:41:22  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> ar yer  my  fort  soory
00:41:24  <coopserver> <Alpha> and u half :D
00:41:37  <coopserver> <Alpha> well i dont care :)
00:41:44  <coopserver> <Alpha> i just find it funny
00:41:55  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> yep me to
00:41:56  <coopserver> <Alpha> u always have company with most money
00:42:43  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> true
00:43:00  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> i  pay back the lone  farst
00:43:05  <coopserver> <Alpha> hehe
00:43:31  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> nice slh  u got ther
00:43:41  <coopserver> <Alpha> thx
00:43:46  <coopserver> <Alpha> but i did not all
00:43:56  <coopserver> <Alpha> vinnie and mark too
00:44:05  <coopserver> <Alpha> we 3 are 1 company
00:44:15  <coopserver> <Alpha> that is why we a bit bigger on map :)
00:44:31  <coopserver> <Alpha> i can help u with slh if u want
00:44:50  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> yer  beest to wach  them doing it  and  save      so u can copey  it in the nexs game
00:45:01  <coopserver> <Alpha> no need
00:45:10  <coopserver> <Alpha> i can build all stuff
00:45:48  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> i am    k i  got to go to bed now so  to mor   i mite doo the uver slh  if i can think
00:46:01  <coopserver> <Alpha> ok
00:46:04  <coopserver> <Alpha> gn8
00:46:14  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> but  thanks eney way
00:46:20  <coopserver> *** happy  tran sport has joined spectators
00:46:51  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> k  my dreem  place  is call me  now
00:47:06  <coopserver> <Alpha> :D
00:47:26  <coopserver> <Alpha> than have nice dreams ;)
00:47:47  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
00:47:54  <coopserver> *** storm has joined
00:47:56  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
00:48:37  <coopserver> <storm> is thunder  storm  on this  game
00:48:53  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> yep  thats  me  y doo u arsk
00:49:36  <coopserver> <storm> your  the place  u whent to  need  your help
00:49:42  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> a gen
00:49:47  <coopserver> <storm> yep
00:50:08  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> k  whont is  it this time
00:51:44  <coopserver> <storm> i think  its your  frend  or sume won  was  got  hit by sume thin and can not find hem
00:54:10  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> a  gen wil  dooo  thay  ever   tech  them  not  to   go  to that place   i  told them that if thay  go ther bad   thin can  doo stuf that no won can ever  think ov
00:55:13  <coopserver> <storm> yep  i no u   tel them but  sume thin is call them to that
00:55:29  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> heem
00:57:19  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> i can see now  it looks  like    that thin  is  much  mor power fall  then u mite think   heem  k  give me a minte  i get    my  armey  and we will take it down
00:57:57  <coopserver> <storm> k but wach out  then  we dont whont to  take eney  hits
00:59:12  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> trust  me   i  am the thunder  storm  u no no  powe can mach b that  strom
01:00:01  <coopserver> <storm> true  u have  got much  mor  ston  now  then ever  i  have teech  u will
01:00:15  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> yep  thats  true
01:01:14  <coopserver> <storm> and your power  is much mor  now  he he  like it  like  it  lol  wher did u lern  that  power
01:01:43  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> dont no  i  try sume thin and that cume  out
01:01:48  <coopserver> <storm> nice
01:02:24  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> how  is my  ship  in  out ov space doing
01:02:33  <coopserver> <storm> ver  good
01:02:46  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> good
01:03:16  <coopserver> *** Cameron has left the game (Leaving)
01:03:27  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> now  then  lest  end  this  thin
01:03:51  <coopserver> <storm> yep  go for it  i wate  in till u cume back
01:04:29  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> heem  nop dont  its not safe   wate  for me at  the pk457
01:04:44  <coopserver> <storm> woo y that place
01:05:02  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> u will be safe  ther
01:05:17  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> for  wate  for me
01:05:24  <coopserver> <storm> i see
01:06:11  <coopserver> <storm> k  i drop u  of and  then i  drop the 2  arm  of at the  uver  sid  ov that thin
01:06:47  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> k  the 2 arm  must take  out  the  power  and i can mor  in
01:07:19  <coopserver> <storm> heem  k that minte take time  as i can see  lots ov thins in  the way
01:07:37  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> k  but dont take  to lone  k
01:07:55  <coopserver> <storm> u got it  now go and get them
01:08:07  <coopserver> <storm> see u got pk456
01:08:26  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> k
01:10:20  <coopserver> *** storm has left the game (Leaving)
01:10:36  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
01:10:42  <coopserver> *** arm has joined
01:10:43  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
01:11:00  <coopserver> <arm> arm  ready  sir
01:11:30  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> now  arm  i say  this nufin is going to stop us  we  will  win this  and we will  stop this thin ther  a lot ov things that can take us out but will not let that stop us   whont ar we
01:11:45  <coopserver> <arm> storm   storm
01:11:58  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> whont  ar we
01:12:09  <coopserver> <arm> storm storm
01:12:23  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> good
01:12:32  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> now  lest get thm
01:12:41  <coopserver> <arm> lest  goo
01:13:18  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> ever  won   char char  now
01:13:27  <coopserver> <arm> go go go
01:13:38  <coopserver> <arm> wach your  lef
01:14:26  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> u  4   take that    thin  and  fire
01:14:35  <coopserver> <arm> hi sir
01:15:33  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> arm  keep  on the fire  i dont whont  them to get eney  closer
01:15:45  <coopserver> <arm> u got
01:16:32  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> and stay  ther i take hem out wate in till i cume back
01:16:48  <coopserver> <arm> go and get hem  thunder storm
01:16:57  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> will doo
01:17:09  <coopserver> <arm> and  wach out
01:17:33  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> u just keep on fire i  doo  the waching out
01:17:37  <coopserver> <arm> k
01:18:08  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> rite    arm 2
01:18:21  <coopserver> <arm> arm  2
01:18:48  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> ar  u ready  to cut the power
01:18:57  <coopserver> <arm> yep
01:19:06  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> k  in 54321
01:19:13  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> now
01:19:32  <coopserver> <arm> cut the power  fire in the hol
01:20:01  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> u got cuver over  ther  go go
01:20:34  <coopserver> <arm> mor  now lest go  dont just stay  mor
01:21:20  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> k   heem  k   keep  on the fire  and stay  lo  k
01:21:27  <coopserver> <arm> k will doo
01:21:50  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> k i am  moring in
01:22:50  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> k  u your time  is up  i am the storm your power can not bet me he he
01:22:58  <coopserver> *** arm has left the game (Leaving)
01:23:34  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> wher doo u think u going cume back i  am, not finsh  whive u yet
01:23:37  <coopserver> *** happy  tran sport has left the game (Leaving)
01:23:40  *** AlphaSC has quit IRC
01:24:18  <happy> rite now i got u
01:24:33  *** happy has left #openttdcoop.stable
01:27:33  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
01:27:37  <coopserver> *** Niko has joined
01:27:38  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
01:47:15  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
01:47:21  <coopserver> *** Yugi_D has joined
01:47:21  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
01:47:40  <coopserver> *** Yugi_D has joined company #9
01:59:23  <coopserver> *** Niko has left the game (Leaving)
02:12:02  <coopserver> *** Yugi_D has left the game (Leaving)
02:18:29  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
02:18:33  <coopserver> *** Cameron has joined
02:18:34  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
03:15:50  <coopserver> *** Alpha has left the game (Leaving)
03:23:19  <coopserver> *** Cameron has joined spectators
03:45:21  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> !date
03:45:21  <coopserver> Nov 01 1989
03:55:06  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
03:55:15  <coopserver> *** BiG MeeCh has joined
03:55:16  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
03:55:33  <coopserver> <BiG MeeCh> !admin
03:55:33  <coopserver> *** BiG MeeCh has requested an admin. (Note: Admin will read back on irc, so please do already write down your request, no need to wait.)
03:55:40  <coopserver> <BiG MeeCh> admin you forgot to set up autopause! :D
03:56:03  <coopserver> <BiG MeeCh> omg my eyes are BURNING
03:56:05  <coopserver> <BiG MeeCh> :D :D :D
04:30:50  <coopserver> *** BiG MeeCh has left the game (Leaving)
05:06:23  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> We need some gridlines on this map
05:56:01  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
05:56:07  <coopserver> *** Yugi_D has joined
05:56:07  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
05:57:57  <coopserver> *** Yugi_D has joined company #9
05:58:31  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> yo YUGI_D
05:58:48  <coopserver> <Yugi_D> yo meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech
05:59:29  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> yoyoyo :D
06:01:21  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> sup BOSS?
06:05:58  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> steamin outta control
06:13:06  <V453000> !auto
06:13:29  <V453000> !auto
06:13:45  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> yopyop
06:14:10  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> ur comandz r brok
06:14:24  <V453000> m
06:14:34  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> hi cutie
06:14:53  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> <3<3<3<3<3<3
06:15:20  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> those arent hearts, thats an ass getting a huge triangle inserted
06:15:28  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> fyi.
06:17:40  <V453000> nice
06:17:44  <V453000> do want
06:18:03  <V453000> prepare your ass when I insert next nuts in it
06:18:08  <V453000> gonna be huge
06:18:34  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> gonna need a bigger anal plug
06:18:55  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> lots of triangles on Seasame Street
06:19:55  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> I wanna catch the nut in my mouth >_>
06:22:18  <V453000> :)
06:30:58  <coopserver> *** Yugi_D has left the game (Leaving)
06:30:58  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
06:41:06  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
06:41:20  <coopserver> *** Muel has joined
06:41:22  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
06:41:22  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
06:41:45  <coopserver> <Muel> hi
06:55:30  <coopserver> *** Muel has left the game (Leaving)
06:55:30  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
07:25:09  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
07:25:10  <coopserver> *** KrunchyAl has joined
07:25:11  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
07:25:11  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
07:50:29  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
07:50:39  <coopserver> *** Benny has joined
07:50:40  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
07:51:43  <coopserver> *** Benny has left the game (Leaving)
07:55:39  <coopserver> *** KrunchyAl has left the game (Leaving)
07:55:39  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
08:56:50  *** Djanxy has joined #openttdcoop.stable
08:57:49  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
08:57:52  <coopserver> *** Djanxy has joined
08:57:52  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
09:00:11  <coopserver> *** Djanxy has left the game (Leaving)
09:46:58  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
09:46:59  <coopserver> *** KrunchyAl has joined
09:47:00  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
09:47:00  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
10:10:49  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
10:10:55  <coopserver> *** Muel has joined
10:10:56  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
10:11:02  <coopserver> <Muel> hi
10:14:39  <coopserver> *** Muel has joined company #5
10:45:41  <coopserver> *** Muel has left the game (Leaving)
10:53:45  <coopserver> *** KrunchyAl has left the game (Leaving)
10:53:45  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
10:55:19  <V453000> !dl win64
10:55:20  <coopserver> V453000:
10:59:22  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
10:59:29  <coopserver> *** V453000 has joined
10:59:29  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
10:59:31  <coopserver> <V453000> mo
11:08:58  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
11:09:08  <coopserver> *** [FR]Syl59 has joined
11:09:09  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
11:09:58  <coopserver> *** [FR]Syl59 has left the game (Leaving)
11:12:45  <coopserver> *** V453000 has left the game (Leaving)
11:56:28  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
11:56:33  <coopserver> *** Muel has joined
11:56:34  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
11:57:31  <coopserver> <Muel> ola
12:01:08  <coopserver> *** Muel has left the game (Leaving)
12:09:20  *** happy has joined #openttdcoop.stable
12:11:14  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
12:11:22  <coopserver> *** happy  tran sport has joined
12:11:23  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
12:12:27  <coopserver> *** happy  tran sport has left the game (Leaving)
12:26:35  <coopserver> *** Cameron has joined company #6
12:26:35  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
12:27:12  <coopserver> *** Cameron has joined spectators
12:27:12  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
12:35:42  *** Vinnie_nl has joined #openttdcoop.stable
12:35:42  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Vinnie_nl
12:39:46  <happy> hi Vinnie_nl
12:40:06  <Vinnie_nl> hey
12:40:14  <happy> how  things
12:41:03  <Vinnie_nl> good and with you?
12:41:21  <happy> good
12:41:25  <V453000> HELL YEAH HI
12:42:09  <Vinnie_nl> oh shit, expect the unexpected
12:44:27  <happy> but i  can not play on the map  the map  colour   herts my  hed
12:45:42  <V453000> :D:D:D
12:45:47  <V453000> you are not alone happy
12:45:52  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
12:46:06  <happy> yep i see
12:46:07  <coopserver> *** Player has joined
12:46:08  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
12:46:25  <Vinnie_nl> drink and drink some more, but make sure it contains alcohol and then play
12:46:50  <V453000> great suggestion
12:48:54  <Vinnie_nl> i like the landscape, it looks good
13:02:12  *** Brumi has joined #openttdcoop.stable
13:04:31  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
13:04:44  <coopserver> *** [FR]Syl59 has joined
13:04:45  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
13:05:01  <happy> hi  syl59
13:05:07  <coopserver> <[FR]Syl59> Hi happy :)
13:05:15  <happy> how things
13:05:21  <coopserver> <[FR]Syl59> Good :) you ?
13:06:12  <happy> good
13:11:34  <coopserver> *** [FR]Syl59 has left the game (Leaving)
13:12:57  <coopserver> *** Player has left the game (Leaving)
13:27:26  *** Vinnie_nl has quit IRC
13:34:29  <coopserver> *** Cameron has left the game (connection lost)
13:49:43  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
13:49:54  <coopserver> *** timmy┬╗ has joined
13:49:56  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
13:49:56  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
13:50:46  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
13:50:57  <coopserver> *** timmy┬╗ has left the game (Leaving)
13:50:57  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
13:51:07  <coopserver> *** RTM has joined
13:51:10  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
13:53:16  <coopserver> *** RTM has left the game (Leaving)
13:58:24  <happy> hi rtm
14:11:03  *** AlphaSC has joined #openttdcoop.stable
14:11:46  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
14:11:51  <coopserver> *** Alpha has joined
14:11:52  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
14:11:52  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
14:13:06  <happy> hi
14:13:14  <coopserver> <Alpha> hi
14:15:13  <V453000> hihihi
14:15:19  <coopserver> <Alpha> hi v
14:16:19  <happy> wb v
14:54:43  <happy> how  things
15:09:47  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
15:09:48  <coopserver> *** Berkel has joined
15:09:49  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
15:11:12  <coopserver> *** Berkel has started a new company #10
15:12:05  <coopserver> *** Alpha has left the game (Leaving)
15:15:54  <happy> hi
15:15:58  <coopserver> <Berkel> Hi
15:16:21  <coopserver> <Berkel> The "new" landscape graphics are nice, but its very difficult to see slopes and hills :(
15:16:39  <happy> yep true
15:18:24  <AlphaSC> if i save a server game on my computer and load it
15:18:30  <AlphaSC> i cant play my company
15:18:40  <AlphaSC> and i cant find where to enter my password
15:18:55  <AlphaSC> someone know what to do?
15:21:21  <happy> yer  i have try that   i  will arsk  and then   i let u no alpha
15:21:34  <Brumi> use ctr+alt+C
15:21:51  <Brumi> switch to your company using the cheats
15:22:04  <V453000> ^
15:22:06  <V453000> as Brumi says
15:22:59  <happy> woon  nice  i did not  no that
15:23:37  <coopserver> *** Berkel has joined spectators
15:23:37  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
15:23:43  <coopserver> *** Berkel has joined company #10
15:23:43  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
15:29:11  <AlphaSC> ok thanks
15:36:47  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
15:36:51  <coopserver> *** KrunchyAl has joined
15:36:51  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
16:02:58  <coopserver> *** KrunchyAl has left the game (Leaving)
16:12:21  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
16:12:24  <coopserver> *** Player has joined
16:12:25  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
16:13:12  <coopserver> *** Player has left the game (Leaving)
16:50:19  <AlphaSC> !gap
16:57:09  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
16:57:13  <coopserver> *** Alpha has joined
16:57:14  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
16:58:19  <coopserver> *** Berkel has left the game (Leaving)
17:06:18  *** Maraxus has joined #openttdcoop.stable
17:06:18  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Maraxus
17:06:36  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
17:06:39  <coopserver> *** Maraxus has joined
17:06:40  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
17:07:32  <happy> hi  Maraxus
17:07:38  <coopserver> <Maraxus> hi
17:09:06  *** ODM has joined #openttdcoop.stable
17:09:06  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
17:10:14  <coopserver> *** Maraxus has left the game (Leaving)
17:11:24  *** Maraxus has quit IRC
17:19:24  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
17:19:26  <coopserver> *** MrD2DG has joined
17:19:27  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
17:19:37  <V453000> HIM
17:19:45  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Hihi
17:20:09  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Ooh I like this landscaspe
17:20:41  <V453000> too repetitive :|
17:21:05  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Hmm
17:21:07  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Maybe a little
17:21:54  <coopserver> <Alpha> v435000
17:21:59  <coopserver> <Alpha> can u have a look?
17:22:28  <coopserver> <Alpha> vinnie got a overflow build, but it releases a train half way out of depot
17:22:35  <coopserver> <Alpha> even if one is already waiting
17:22:40  <coopserver> <Alpha> and it jams all the way
17:22:53  <coopserver> <Alpha> i tried some stuff, but couldnt fix it
17:23:16  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
17:23:18  <coopserver> *** V453000 has joined
17:23:19  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
17:23:21  <coopserver> <V453000> moo
17:23:27  <coopserver> <Alpha> hey
17:23:40  <coopserver> <Alpha> !here
17:23:57  <coopserver> <V453000> yeah that is broke
17:23:59  <coopserver> <V453000> n
17:24:04  <coopserver> <V453000> 2-end chain :)
17:24:14  <coopserver> <Alpha> i changed some stuff, but still the same
17:24:17  <V453000> !players
17:24:17  <coopserver> V453000: Client 557 (Red) is Alpha, in company 4 (PINK #4)
17:24:18  <coopserver> V453000: Spectators: Client 561 (MrD2DG), Client 563 (V453000)
17:24:22  <V453000> !rcon move 563 4
17:24:23  <coopserver> *** V453000 has joined company #4
17:24:53  <coopserver> <V453000> like that
17:24:56  <coopserver> <V453000> 1 chain
17:25:04  <coopserver> <Alpha> damn u re a god :D
17:25:21  <coopserver> <V453000> easy
17:25:31  <coopserver> <Alpha> see, too easy
17:26:48  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
17:27:06  <coopserver> *** Player has joined
17:27:08  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
17:27:48  <coopserver> <V453000> the block signal was on purpose
17:27:54  <coopserver> <Alpha> y
17:27:57  <coopserver> <V453000> no need to stop trains if they never have to
17:28:02  <coopserver> <Alpha> but i dont understand
17:28:16  <coopserver> <Alpha> so i fixed it taht it worked
17:28:23  <coopserver> <Alpha> until now
17:28:32  <coopserver> <V453000> problem was the depot release only
17:28:46  <coopserver> <V453000> this
17:28:50  <coopserver> <Alpha> yes, but i dont understand that :D
17:28:58  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
17:29:01  <coopserver> <Alpha> to much track, dont now what it was for
17:29:02  <coopserver> *** black has joined
17:29:02  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
17:29:11  <coopserver> <black> hi
17:29:12  <coopserver> <V453000> it just makes the depot not release trains if any train is coming there
17:29:16  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Hi
17:29:18  <coopserver> <V453000> hi
17:29:20  <coopserver> *** MrD2DG has started a new company #11
17:29:39  <coopserver> <Alpha> my overflow dont release trains
17:29:49  <coopserver> <V453000> from overflow to the circuit
17:30:09  <coopserver> <V453000> the depot ehre
17:30:17  <coopserver> <V453000> doesnt release trains if there is a train already in the red area
17:30:22  <coopserver> <V453000> look:
17:30:32  <coopserver> <Alpha> see, im watching it
17:30:42  <coopserver> <V453000> we have a train coming to the depot
17:31:07  <coopserver> <V453000> so depot should release train now
17:31:12  <coopserver> <V453000> but it doesnt because of this prio
17:31:21  <coopserver> <Alpha> ok, and at my overflow
17:31:22  <coopserver> <V453000> so this train which just overflowed doesnt have to depot
17:31:29  <coopserver> <V453000> but can go straight at the bay
17:31:33  <coopserver> <V453000> like this
17:31:35  <coopserver> <Alpha> the train would leave depot
17:31:45  <coopserver> <V453000> probably
17:31:48  <coopserver> <Alpha> yes
17:31:50  <coopserver> <V453000> you dont have that check there
17:31:58  <coopserver> <Alpha> but i think its not so good
17:32:01  <coopserver> <V453000> it isnt a problem if the depot doesnt get under stress
17:32:06  <coopserver> <Alpha> because
17:32:18  <coopserver> <Alpha> train could leave depot already
17:32:20  <coopserver> <Alpha> also
17:32:25  <coopserver> <V453000> btw I would consider converting to some different tracks, this looks awful :) the landscape seems to define opengfx rails
17:32:30  <coopserver> <Alpha> first in first out
17:32:43  <coopserver> <V453000> first in first out doesnt matter
17:32:48  <coopserver> <V453000> you just have -number of trains-
17:34:00  <coopserver> <Alpha> ok, so you  say. for a stress depot, i need prio from reserver to depot?
17:34:09  <coopserver> <V453000> sort of yeah
17:34:20  <coopserver> <Alpha> hm
17:34:45  <coopserver> <Alpha> but if train just come to reserver
17:34:53  <coopserver> <Alpha> and depot train can leave
17:35:02  <coopserver> <Alpha> its fast if depot train leave first
17:35:12  <coopserver> <Alpha> and than other from res goes in depot
17:35:17  <coopserver> <Alpha> i believe
17:35:22  <coopserver> <V453000> mostly not
17:35:26  <coopserver> <Alpha> hm
17:35:32  <coopserver> <V453000> that obviously matters on train speed, acceleration, and length
17:35:41  <coopserver> <V453000> if you have super short and slow trains, it might indeed be faster
17:35:50  <coopserver> <V453000> but generally it is better if you have less depotting
17:36:03  <coopserver> <Alpha> ok ,and u save depot cost :D
17:36:14  <coopserver> <V453000> there is no cost for depotting
17:36:14  <coopserver> <Alpha> damn this makes us rich
17:36:22  <coopserver> <Alpha> it isnt? :O
17:36:49  <coopserver> <black> guys i have a question about your overflow thingy
17:36:54  <coopserver> <V453000> yes
17:37:16  <coopserver> <black> why this line when trains revers is not just straight track
17:37:33  <coopserver> <Alpha> for pathfinder
17:37:38  <coopserver> <V453000> to make the depot invisible
17:37:43  <coopserver> <Alpha> so trains dont find depot
17:37:45  <coopserver> <V453000> for trains on the network, this depot doesnt exist
17:38:02  <coopserver> <V453000> so they cant go to it during autoreplace, take shortcuts through it, ...
17:38:13  <coopserver> <V453000> technically the overflow loop doesnt exist
17:38:42  <coopserver> <black> ah ok then , think i understand it now :)
17:38:47  <coopserver> <V453000> :)
17:38:51  <coopserver> <V453000> it is mainly for autoreplace
17:38:56  <coopserver> <V453000>  @@autoreplace
17:38:57  <Webster> Train Servicing and Autoreplace at #openttdcoop -
17:39:02  <coopserver> <V453000> see that article
17:40:28  <AlphaSC> your article obout overflow doesnt cover depot prios right=?
17:40:39  <coopserver> <V453000> it does
17:40:42  <coopserver> <V453000>  @@ABR12
17:40:44  <Webster> Advanced Building Revue 12: Overflows III at #openttdcoop -
17:40:59  <coopserver> <black> damn thos are nice articles
17:41:10  <V453000>
17:41:50  <AlphaSC> well ok :D
17:41:55  <coopserver> <V453000> :)
17:42:02  <AlphaSC> these pictures are confusing
17:42:05  <coopserver> <V453000> you probably wont find better black ;)
17:42:12  <coopserver> <V453000> Alpha: F5
17:42:21  <coopserver> <V453000> is prio for depot line
17:42:25  <coopserver> <V453000> it is written there :)
17:42:45  <AlphaSC> yeah sure
17:42:53  <AlphaSC> i read through all ur articles
17:43:04  <coopserver> <V453000> it is likely you never absorb 100% of it
17:43:09  <coopserver> <V453000> on first read :P
17:43:11  <AlphaSC> i like ur guides and they re helpful
17:43:16  <coopserver> <V453000> :)
17:43:20  <AlphaSC> but if u brin these pictures
17:43:24  <AlphaSC> bring*
17:43:31  <AlphaSC> from pro games
17:43:40  <AlphaSC> with just one huge station on it
17:43:51  <AlphaSC> its hard to understand whats going on
17:43:57  <coopserver> <V453000> the articles describe known systems
17:44:00  <AlphaSC> i guess even for the better palyers :D
17:44:09  <coopserver> <V453000> it is rare that you can find anything else in the savegames
17:44:11  <coopserver> <V453000> yeah, mostly
17:44:28  <coopserver> <V453000> so it is just about scale, once you know what it is, it isnt that hard to find the system in it
17:44:39  <coopserver> *** Player has left the game (Leaving)
17:44:53  <coopserver> <V453000> for example these articles contain all overflows that have been built so far in our games
17:45:06  <coopserver> <V453000> perphaps with (sometimes bad) exceptions, but still
17:45:16  <AlphaSC> ok
17:45:22  <coopserver> <V453000> but of course, sometimes the rail clutter just gets brutal
17:45:31  <AlphaSC> :D
17:45:47  <coopserver> <V453000> the articles make you understand the system and try it in small scale. Expanding to larger is just a matter of trying
17:46:08  <AlphaSC> but part 3 the first overflows are the ones i use atm, that is well expalined and simple in picture
17:46:18  <coopserver> <V453000> though in case of overflows the system also often changes with the size, because smaller systems dont operate so well with larger stations
17:46:38  <coopserver> <V453000> you will come to the end sooner or later dont worry :)
17:46:53  <AlphaSC> fuck it, i just invent my own :D
17:47:06  <coopserver> <V453000> the first ones might be simple but work too, for some amount of throughput - often for a ton especially if expanded/adapted
17:47:11  <AlphaSC> than i understand for sure, hopefully :P
17:47:21  <coopserver> <V453000> you are welcome to do that :D I wonder what can be new then
17:47:28  <AlphaSC> hehe
17:47:42  <AlphaSC> im just kidding , but u never know :D
17:47:54  <coopserver> <V453000> :)
17:48:04  <coopserver> *** V453000 has joined spectators
17:48:20  <coopserver> <V453000> keep trying and you will get there in no time
17:52:50  <AlphaSC> i guess ive still not understood how the signal chains work, sadly
17:53:09  <AlphaSC> but otherwise i could have fixed that mistake at vinnie overflow myself
17:53:17  <coopserver> <V453000> hm
17:53:23  <coopserver> <V453000> got some specific questions?
17:53:35  <AlphaSC> well
17:53:48  <AlphaSC> i can tell what i understand so far
17:54:10  <AlphaSC> i understand the normal prio with exit/como/entry
17:54:45  <AlphaSC> and at my overflow the way from reserver to to that prio
17:55:00  <AlphaSC> but e.g. i do not understand
17:55:12  <AlphaSC> how that prio looks forward to the station
17:55:28  <AlphaSC> from reserver to station where trains enter overflow
17:55:42  <coopserver> <V453000> can you mark it with tracks?
17:55:47  <AlphaSC> i will
17:56:48  <V453000>
17:56:51  <V453000> asdf sec
17:56:52  <V453000> !rcon move 563 4
17:56:53  <coopserver> *** V453000 has joined company #4
17:56:54  <V453000> there
17:57:07  <coopserver> <V453000> the signal in that direction
17:57:14  <coopserver> <V453000> checks if the first plaform is free
17:57:28  <coopserver> <V453000> if it is, train can go
17:57:41  <coopserver> <V453000> then the yellow after that
17:57:47  <coopserver> <V453000> then red
17:57:54  <coopserver> <V453000> and lastly white
17:58:05  <coopserver> <V453000> thanks tothese signals
17:58:36  <coopserver> <Alpha> and the give the signal to the signal i signed with this?
17:59:04  <coopserver> <V453000> yeah
17:59:14  <coopserver> <V453000> it is just a chain in the direction continued from that
17:59:17  <coopserver> <Alpha> and the this signal give it to the green marked track
17:59:27  <coopserver> <V453000> yes
17:59:31  <coopserver> <Alpha> ok
17:59:48  <coopserver> <Alpha> ok
17:59:58  <coopserver> <Alpha> i guess ive a genereal question now
18:00:15  <coopserver> <Alpha> how can i break a prio?
18:00:25  <coopserver> <Alpha> expect from a noraml block signal
18:00:38  <coopserver> <V453000> break?
18:00:50  <coopserver> <Alpha> make the prio not work ^
18:00:53  <coopserver> <Alpha> cuz it
18:00:57  <coopserver> <Alpha> cut*
18:01:19  <coopserver> <V453000> well you cna make it broken in about 100 ways? :D
18:01:27  <coopserver> <Alpha> i mean if i look at vinnie overflow
18:01:37  <coopserver> <Alpha> the prio chain got
18:01:53  <coopserver> <Alpha> he makes there tracks to depot for the depot prio
18:01:57  <coopserver> <Alpha> how do i know
18:02:11  <coopserver> <Alpha> that i dont get in conflict with my normal prio
18:02:21  <coopserver> <V453000> aha
18:02:25  <coopserver> <V453000> it doesnt share any block with it
18:02:43  <coopserver> <V453000> X is only exit so it just detects the block, not any other combo signals ahead
18:03:02  <coopserver> <V453000> with that blue/white are completely separate
18:03:23  <coopserver> <Alpha> so u re using the block signal
18:03:32  <coopserver> <Alpha> to seperate these prios
18:03:49  <coopserver> <V453000> yes
18:05:55  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
18:05:59  <coopserver> *** happy  tran sport has joined
18:06:00  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
18:06:04  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> hi
18:06:17  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Hi
18:06:19  <coopserver> <Alpha> hello
18:06:45  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> mr  u can join my cumpany if u   like
18:07:13  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Oh
18:07:17  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Sure
18:07:29  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> What's the pass?
18:07:36  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Thanks
18:07:39  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> np
18:07:47  <coopserver> *** MrD2DG has joined company #1
18:07:50  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> have fun
18:07:57  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Lol okay
18:08:39  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> i am playing  pkr  poker so  be back later
18:08:42  <coopserver> *** happy  tran sport has left the game (Leaving)
18:08:47  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Okay BB
18:09:02  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
18:09:06  <coopserver> *** Player has joined
18:09:06  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
18:09:38  <Jam35> to quote V: minionised :D
18:10:00  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> :P
18:10:21  <happy> mr    the  net werk  need  slh  so can join the town drop  of
18:10:21  <Jam35> and the boss has they day off :)
18:10:40  <coopserver> <Alpha> :D
18:10:43  <coopserver> <Alpha> hi jam
18:10:49  <Jam35> hii
18:10:50  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Sure I'll do it
18:10:58  <happy> thankis
18:11:01  <Jam35> sucker
18:11:08  <happy> thanks mr
18:11:18  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Lol
18:11:21  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> No prob
18:11:24  <coopserver> *** Alpha has left the game (Leaving)
18:11:26  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> I need somethine to do :P
18:11:30  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> *SOMETHING
18:11:40  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
18:11:51  <coopserver> *** Jam35 has joined
18:11:54  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
18:12:04  <coopserver> *** Jam35 has joined company #1
18:12:48  <coopserver> <Jam35> let us rise up
18:12:53  <coopserver> <Jam35> fight the power etc
18:13:08  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Haha
18:13:14  <coopserver> <V453000> MrD2DG: 1st April NUTS birthday
18:13:17  <coopserver> <V453000> big party
18:13:24  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Ooh
18:13:42  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Wait how man years has it been?
18:13:45  <coopserver> <V453000> 2
18:13:46  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> *MANY
18:13:52  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Seems longer :P
18:13:54  <coopserver> <V453000> manly as fuck
18:14:00  <coopserver> <V453000> well 2 since first release
18:14:06  <coopserver> <V453000> 9 extra months of drawing before that
18:14:13  <coopserver> <V453000> 68 versions :)
18:14:20  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Woah
18:16:53  <coopserver> <Jam35> must be tea-break time
18:16:55  <coopserver> *** Jam35 has joined spectators
18:17:10  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> You just started :P
18:17:21  <coopserver> <V453000> well in case you had nothing to do on 1.4. MrD2DG, that is what you do :/P
18:17:59  <coopserver> *** V453000 has joined spectators
18:18:05  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> :OP
18:18:08  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> *:P
18:18:11  <coopserver> <V453000> :)
18:18:23  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> I'm in for the partay (if I don't forget)
18:19:00  <coopserver> <V453000> :D
18:19:09  <coopserver> <V453000> it will just be some PS mayhem
18:19:25  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Haha, cool
18:20:19  <coopserver> <V453000> WITH
18:20:20  <coopserver> <V453000> new trains
18:20:33  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Wooooooooooooooo!
18:20:48  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> As in additions to the regular types or new types?
18:20:59  <coopserver> <V453000> new
18:21:02  <coopserver> <V453000> two new classes
18:21:05  <coopserver> <V453000> about 6 trains
18:21:11  <coopserver> <V453000> more if I get more ideas
18:21:17  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Lol cool
18:21:45  <coopserver> <V453000> one of the classes is a bit half-class, second is a full new class based on fun, might be like brainmelter - nice to use bur no reason through stats either
18:22:20  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> TBH I don't know where you get all the ideas from :P
18:23:17  <coopserver> <V453000> me neither
18:23:33  <coopserver> <V453000> but actually this time they are rather simple
18:24:15  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Haha simple to you is different from everyone else
18:24:19  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> We'll see :P
18:24:34  <coopserver> <V453000> myeah it will be a bit on the different side
18:24:55  <coopserver> <V453000> you will see :)
18:24:59  <coopserver> <V453000> it will be awesome
18:25:03  <coopserver> <V453000> I sez that
18:25:19  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Haha
18:27:16  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
18:27:21  <coopserver> *** Niko has joined
18:27:23  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
18:31:22  <coopserver> <V453000> btw MrD2DG you could autoreplace a lot :P
18:31:25  <coopserver> <V453000> ancient railways (tm)
18:31:51  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Lol I dunno what happy's plans were
18:31:59  <coopserver> <V453000> keeping class is never wrong :P
18:32:26  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> True enough I guess :P
18:32:28  *** KrunchyAl has joined #openttdcoop.stable
18:32:51  <coopserver> <V453000> + wagons mainly
18:34:47  <AlphaSC> !penalty
18:35:11  <coopserver> *** Player has left the game (Leaving)
18:40:53  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> !slap V45000000
18:42:13  <V453000> invert your ass inside out Meech
18:43:02  <V453000> prepare for triangles
18:43:04  <V453000> 3<
18:44:21  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> 3<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
18:44:32  *** Brumi has quit IRC
18:51:22  <coopserver> <Jam35> happy's plan was SL RL, ML LR :)
18:51:31  <coopserver> <Jam35> FTW
18:51:42  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> :/
18:52:00  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Was wondering why the Sidelines were different
18:52:06  <coopserver> *** Jam35 has joined company #1
18:52:22  <coopserver> <Jam35> Idk, he always does that :)
18:53:32  *** Mark has joined #openttdcoop.stable
18:53:33  *** Webster sets mode: +o Mark
18:53:51  <Mark> HAI
18:53:53  <Mark> hai
18:53:54  <V453000> OMFG
18:53:56  <V453000> HAI
18:54:02  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Lol Hi
18:54:16  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
18:54:19  <coopserver> *** Mark has joined
18:54:20  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
18:54:22  <coopserver> <Jam35> hi
18:54:34  <V453000> !players
18:54:35  <coopserver> V453000: Client 561 (Light Blue) is MrD2DG, in company 1 (happy  tran sport Transport)
18:54:36  <coopserver> V453000: Client 573 (Light Blue) is Jam35, in company 1 (happy  tran sport Transport)
18:54:37  <coopserver> V453000: Client 575 (Green) is Niko, in company 3 (N$N Networks)
18:54:38  <coopserver> V453000: Spectators: Client 563 (V453000), Client 567 (black), Client 577 (Mark)
18:54:40  <V453000> !rcon move 563 4
18:54:41  <coopserver> *** V453000 has joined company #4
18:55:03  <coopserver> *** Mark has joined company #4
18:59:01  <coopserver> <V453000> time to NUT em
19:00:03  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> I thought you were gonna build that SLH Jam :P
19:00:07  <coopserver> *** V453000 has joined spectators
19:00:17  <coopserver> <Jam35> 04?
19:00:24  <coopserver> <Jam35> it is all SL :)
19:00:34  <coopserver> <Jam35> why a hub there?
19:00:41  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> happy wanted to connect the toen drop to it
19:00:47  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> *TOWN
19:00:58  <coopserver> <Jam35> ok where?
19:01:06  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Wiedhus
19:01:13  <coopserver> <Jam35> ok I see it
19:01:43  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> I'm guessing he built it earlier
19:01:54  *** Djanxy has quit IRC
19:03:22  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
19:03:34  <coopserver> *** Speedy has joined
19:03:35  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
19:05:11  <coopserver> *** Mark has left the game (Leaving)
19:08:26  <V453000> @V
19:08:27  <Webster> User:V453000 - #openttdcoop Wiki -
19:22:50  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
19:22:55  <coopserver> *** Alpha has joined
19:22:55  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
19:23:36  <coopserver> <black> Alpha, need more lines or less trains :)
19:25:16  *** KrunchyAl has quit IRC
19:25:31  <coopserver> <Jam35> I  made that look hard work
19:25:39  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> :P
19:27:26  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
19:27:32  <coopserver> *** Muel has joined
19:27:34  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
19:27:38  <coopserver> <Muel> hi
19:27:57  <coopserver> <black> hi
19:28:18  <coopserver> *** Muel has joined company #5
19:28:37  *** happy has quit IRC
19:31:38  <coopserver> <Jam35> what goes there then? :)
19:31:43  *** TheODM has joined #openttdcoop.stable
19:31:57  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> IDK ask happy :P
19:32:15  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Goods probably
19:32:31  <coopserver> <Jam35> aint got none
19:32:54  <coopserver> <Jam35> sorry
19:33:03  *** ODM has quit IRC
19:33:04  <coopserver> <Jam35> we don't have any
19:33:27  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Lol yes we do
19:33:53  <coopserver> <Jam35> er
19:33:57  <coopserver> <Jam35> not grouped?
19:33:58  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> err
19:34:10  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Wasn't me
19:34:29  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> There's no trains though
19:34:37  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> We just produce at the factory
19:35:14  <coopserver> <Jam35> hm
19:35:22  <coopserver> <Jam35> not much space there
19:35:36  <coopserver> <Jam35> grey co invasion
19:35:38  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Yeah I guess
19:37:23  *** happy has joined #openttdcoop.stable
19:37:42  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
19:37:43  <happy> hi
19:37:47  <coopserver> <Muel> hi
19:37:47  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Hi
19:37:48  <coopserver> *** Yugi_D has joined
19:37:49  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
19:37:57  <coopserver> <Speedy> hii
19:38:11  <coopserver> <Jam35> hiii
19:38:17  <coopserver> <Yugi_D> hello
19:38:21  <coopserver> <Jam35> helloo
19:38:22  <coopserver> <Muel> hou
19:38:28  <happy> sorry  mr did u arsk       me for sume thin
19:38:43  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> We were just talkin about the town drop
19:38:45  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> *talking
19:38:52  <coopserver> *** Niko has joined spectators
19:38:59  <happy> ar    k
19:39:44  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
19:39:45  <coopserver> *** Niko has left the game (Leaving)
19:39:47  <coopserver> *** Mark has joined
19:39:48  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
19:40:30  <happy> hi mark
19:40:34  <coopserver> <Mark> yo
19:56:17  <coopserver> *** Muel has left the game (Leaving)
20:01:31  <coopserver> *** Yugi_D has left the game (Leaving)
20:04:53  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
20:04:57  <coopserver> *** happy  tran sport has joined
20:04:58  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
20:10:08  <coopserver> <Jam35> it already sort of is
20:10:17  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> Wait yeah
20:10:22  <coopserver> <MrD2DG> I don't get it
20:10:57  <coopserver> <Jam35> or not?
20:11:19  <coopserver> <Jam35> I see only primaries on the SL part
20:11:46  <coopserver> <Jam35> that is SLH 01
20:12:01  <coopserver> *** Mark has left the game (Leaving)
20:13:35  <coopserver> <Jam35> care to help change train orders to new factory?
20:13:52  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> yep
20:14:35  <coopserver> <Jam35> I start at bottom of list you take top
20:14:39  <coopserver> <Jam35> numerically
20:14:45  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> k
20:15:03  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> wate is it join the  ml
20:17:20  <coopserver> <Jam35> ok I'll do all of them :P
20:17:49  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> k   join the    the  new drop of  to the ml
20:20:38  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> !date
20:20:38  <coopserver> May 28 2037
20:25:00  *** Mark has quit IRC
20:25:41  *** Mark has joined #openttdcoop.stable
20:25:42  *** Webster sets mode: +o Mark
20:31:49  <coopserver> <Speedy> hey MEEEECH
20:32:35  <coopserver> <V453000> very solid Alpha
20:32:46  <coopserver> <Alpha> thx
20:32:59  <coopserver> <V453000> there will be things to improve, will show when necessary
20:34:22  *** Brumi has joined #openttdcoop.stable
20:35:51  <coopserver> <Alpha> these tracks behind are so fucking messy
20:39:29  <coopserver> <V453000> hm you could benefit from using some trains which have less problems with short curves
20:39:36  <coopserver> <V453000> here will be a lot of dense spots in your network
20:39:40  <V453000> !players
20:39:40  <coopserver> V453000: Client 561 (Light Blue) is MrD2DG, in company 1 (happy  tran sport Transport)
20:39:41  <coopserver> V453000: Client 573 (Light Blue) is Jam35, in company 1 (happy  tran sport Transport)
20:39:42  <coopserver> V453000: Client 579 (Green) is Speedy, in company 3 (N$N Networks)
20:39:43  <coopserver> V453000: Client 581 (Red) is Alpha, in company 4 (PINK #4)
20:39:44  <coopserver> V453000: Client 590 (Light Blue) is happy  tran sport, in company 1 (happy  tran sport Transport)
20:39:45  <coopserver> V453000: Spectators: Client 563 (V453000), Client 567 (black)
20:39:47  <coopserver> <Alpha> yes
20:39:48  <V453000> !rcon move 563 4
20:39:49  <coopserver> *** V453000 has joined company #4
20:39:58  <coopserver> <V453000> monorail would be a solid choice
20:40:08  <coopserver> <V453000> Animal Express is fun too
20:40:45  <coopserver> <V453000> as you want
20:42:45  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
20:42:47  <coopserver> *** Player has joined
20:42:48  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
20:43:15  <coopserver> *** MrD2DG has left the game (general timeout)
20:43:41  <coopserver> *** happy  tran sport has left the game (Leaving)
20:48:08  <coopserver> <Alpha> y
20:48:12  <coopserver> <Alpha> on it
20:48:20  <coopserver> <V453000> CL1 allowance would help that :P
20:49:28  <coopserver> <V453000> blue = waiting bays
20:50:32  <coopserver> *** Player has left the game (Leaving)
20:52:02  <coopserver> <V453000> this is safe too
20:52:09  <coopserver> <V453000> you just need to make sure the white thing works
20:52:26  <coopserver> <V453000> if the last signals are closer, obviously gap is lower and the choices can be faster
20:52:37  <coopserver> <V453000> but something like this generally works
20:52:45  <coopserver> <Alpha> k
20:53:03  <coopserver> <Alpha> why use entry signals there?
20:53:12  <coopserver> <V453000> just because they mean that train stops there
20:53:14  <coopserver> <V453000> to mark it
20:53:17  <coopserver> <V453000> there is no need to
20:53:23  <coopserver> <Alpha> k
20:53:32  <coopserver> <V453000> coloured tracks work just as well
20:53:58  <coopserver> <V453000> you dont have to use the colour obviously, but I think it can be very helpful
20:54:20  <coopserver> <Alpha> its good for explaining things
20:54:35  <coopserver> <Alpha> i liek it alot when u explained me the prios
20:54:43  <coopserver> <V453000> :)
20:54:59  <coopserver> <Alpha> easy understand than what belongs to what :)#
20:55:03  <coopserver> <V453000> try the other choice at the SLH
20:56:46  *** TheODM has quit IRC
20:56:50  <coopserver> <Alpha> ok that is bad
20:56:57  <coopserver> <Alpha> not long enough right?
20:57:04  <coopserver> <V453000> yarr
20:57:41  <coopserver> <V453000> hint: starting with the shorter one is better as that one will be more problematic
20:57:48  <coopserver> <V453000> I wouldnt bother with CLs
20:58:21  <coopserver> <Alpha> #hm
20:58:32  <coopserver> <Alpha> but lets say no traffic its bad
20:58:41  <coopserver> <Alpha> like with these slugs
20:58:43  <coopserver> <V453000> ?
20:58:53  <coopserver> <Alpha> cuz trains slow
20:59:08  <coopserver> <V453000> doesnt matter if it still works in total
20:59:24  <coopserver> <V453000> it is better for you to learn system first
20:59:35  <coopserver> <V453000> you can always do some CL annoyment at any point :D
20:59:51  <coopserver> <Alpha> :P
21:00:02  <coopserver> <V453000> plus the Strong class isnt the most slowing down one
21:01:13  <coopserver> <Alpha> i made sign at the merger
21:01:22  <coopserver> <Alpha> any advice?
21:02:18  <coopserver> <V453000> yeah that is alright
21:02:36  <coopserver> <Alpha> if u want prefect slh/msh/bbh
21:02:39  <coopserver> <V453000> the absolute top tier way is to bridge the choice, not the ML
21:02:53  <coopserver> <V453000> that way you get easy prios, and mainly never disturb ML traffic
21:02:55  <coopserver> <V453000> but ignore that for now
21:03:00  <coopserver> <Alpha> u need many space
21:03:15  <coopserver> <Alpha> if build all prefect 3cl
21:03:28  <coopserver> <V453000> depends
21:03:41  <coopserver> <V453000> it takes some experience but even high CL things can be compact
21:03:50  <coopserver> <Alpha> hm
21:03:53  <coopserver> <V453000> takes more planning and stuff but yeah
21:03:59  <coopserver> <Alpha> but than u need space between llrr
21:04:13  <coopserver> <V453000> not even that
21:04:18  <coopserver> <Alpha> somewhere u need the space :D
21:04:20  <coopserver> <V453000> just ignore it for now :)
21:04:21  <coopserver> <Alpha> hehe ok
21:04:31  <coopserver> <V453000> if you composite tracks well, you can save space :P
21:12:57  <coopserver> <V453000> any progress? :)
21:13:06  <coopserver> <Alpha> well
21:13:14  <coopserver> <V453000> I cna do 03 for you
21:13:18  <coopserver> <V453000> and then you do 02
21:13:20  <coopserver> <V453000> deal?
21:13:22  <coopserver> <Alpha> as i said would like delete all
21:13:32  <coopserver> <V453000> no need for that
21:13:34  <coopserver> <Alpha> just look at lsh01
21:13:35  <coopserver> <V453000> try to do what I will do now
21:13:45  <coopserver> <Alpha> see the mess behind the lsh
21:13:45  <coopserver> <V453000> ready?
21:13:48  <coopserver> <Alpha> i hate that
21:14:05  <coopserver> <Alpha> u slh02 ;)
21:14:08  <coopserver> <Alpha> me 03
21:14:14  <coopserver> <V453000> kay
21:14:25  <coopserver> <Alpha> but iwant watch
21:14:28  <coopserver> <V453000> hm this landscape is terrible
21:14:31  <coopserver> <V453000> im at 02
21:14:32  <coopserver> <Alpha> y
21:14:41  <coopserver> <Alpha> u cant she high
21:14:45  <coopserver> <Alpha> see*
21:16:17  *** Djanxy has joined #openttdcoop.stable
21:17:59  <coopserver> <Alpha> vinnie wants to keep all river :P
21:18:03  <coopserver> <V453000> too bad
21:18:13  <coopserver> <V453000> river is a retarded feature in openttd anyway
21:18:19  <coopserver> <Alpha> lol
21:18:34  <coopserver> <Alpha> u could argue hills are too ;)
21:18:43  <coopserver> <V453000> no
21:18:48  <coopserver> <V453000> hills can be redone, rivers cannot
21:21:15  <coopserver> <V453000> no those are correct :)
21:21:23  <coopserver> <V453000> otherwise prio doesnt work over bridges
21:21:34  <coopserver> <V453000> but we want something different here
21:21:37  <coopserver> <V453000> dont bother with that
21:21:48  <coopserver> <V453000> we just check one tunnel with prio
21:21:49  <coopserver> <V453000> not the other
21:21:58  <coopserver> <V453000> kind of halfprio :P dont worry bout it
21:22:21  <coopserver> <V453000> anyway the SLH is done
21:22:46  <coopserver> <Alpha> :P
21:23:04  <coopserver> <V453000> completely functional
21:23:08  <coopserver> <V453000> not really ugly
21:23:34  <coopserver> <Alpha> why is one side
21:23:36  <coopserver> <V453000> your turn :)
21:23:41  <coopserver> <Alpha> 2 way and othern ot
21:23:43  <coopserver> <Alpha> the pbs
21:23:47  <coopserver> <V453000> mistake
21:23:53  <coopserver> <V453000> the landscape is driving my eyes crazy
21:24:00  <coopserver> <V453000> srsly the invisible hills are psycho
21:24:01  <coopserver> <Alpha> yo
21:24:10  <coopserver> <Alpha> sucks dick
21:24:19  <coopserver> <Alpha> forces u in tf them all :D
21:24:21  <coopserver> <Alpha> kinda
21:24:27  <coopserver> <V453000> kind of :)
21:24:55  <coopserver> <V453000> well SLH 03 awaits :P
21:25:14  <coopserver> <Alpha> made sign at urs
21:25:19  <coopserver> <Alpha> i start after that :D
21:25:32  <coopserver> <Alpha> wb = waiting bay
21:25:46  <coopserver> <V453000> wouldnt fit there
21:25:51  <coopserver> <V453000> just 2 tiles
21:26:00  <coopserver> <Alpha> yeah fuck me
21:26:01  <coopserver> <V453000> and the throughput will probably allow this gap
21:26:04  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
21:26:10  <coopserver> *** Muel has joined
21:26:12  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
21:26:29  <coopserver> <Muel> hu
21:26:33  <coopserver> <Alpha> hihih
21:28:11  <coopserver> <Jam35> byebye
21:28:15  <coopserver> *** Jam35 has left the game (Leaving)
21:28:15  <coopserver> <Alpha> bb jam
21:33:10  <coopserver> *** Muel has left the game (Leaving)
21:35:21  <coopserver> *** black has left the game (Leaving)
21:39:08  <coopserver> <V453000> see, it didnt even hurt :)
21:39:14  <coopserver> <Alpha> ;)
21:39:17  <coopserver> <V453000> well done, this is perfectly fine
21:39:21  <coopserver> <Alpha> i needed some thinking
21:39:28  <coopserver> <Alpha> to make the wait bay
21:39:31  <coopserver> <V453000> thats normal
21:39:35  <coopserver> <Alpha> i hope i did it right
21:39:40  <coopserver> <V453000> but you did it 100% correctly
21:39:42  <coopserver> <Alpha> 1 train each
21:39:57  <coopserver> <Alpha> some waisted spaces for one, but well
21:40:05  <coopserver> <V453000> its okay
21:40:21  <coopserver> <V453000> what you could do:
21:40:22  <coopserver> <Alpha> was about doing it ^
21:40:28  <coopserver> <Alpha> y
21:40:33  <coopserver> <V453000> :)
21:41:16  <coopserver> <V453000> now the other part and done :)
21:41:31  <coopserver> <Alpha> why make so many signals
21:41:40  <coopserver> <Alpha> so train can join faster?
21:41:43  <coopserver> <V453000> faster response
21:41:43  <coopserver> <V453000> yeah
21:41:53  <coopserver> <Alpha> but looks ugly :D
21:41:58  <coopserver> <Alpha> at the top side ^
21:42:07  <coopserver> <V453000> just matter of getting used to it
21:42:09  <coopserver> <V453000> not ugly to me :)
21:42:14  <coopserver> <Alpha> ;)
21:45:43  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
21:45:47  <coopserver> *** Cameron has joined
21:45:47  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
21:48:18  *** Djanxy has quit IRC
21:48:19  <coopserver> <V453000> see this
21:48:35  <coopserver> <V453000> makes it technically not a CL
21:48:44  <coopserver> <V453000> because train leaves ML at full speed and doestn slow ML down
21:48:50  <coopserver> <V453000> then it does its shizz at the SL
21:49:03  <coopserver> <V453000> so the green part isnt slowing ML down
21:49:18  <coopserver> <V453000> just a tiny hint
21:49:25  <coopserver> <Alpha> im on it ;)
21:50:35  <coopserver> <V453000> the landscape :d
21:50:38  <coopserver> <Alpha> y
21:50:59  <coopserver> <V453000> what are those bridges :D
21:51:10  <coopserver> <V453000> where to /from?
21:52:13  <coopserver> <Alpha> this sucks
21:52:20  <coopserver> <Alpha> cant see any high levels
21:52:26  <coopserver> <Alpha> its annoying as fuck
21:52:42  <coopserver> <Cameron> lol
21:54:14  <coopserver> <V453000> well there are some ways to load static newgrfs but idk how
21:54:17  <coopserver> <V453000> would be suitable for this case
21:54:38  <coopserver> <V453000> btw I still dont understand these bridges
21:54:50  <coopserver> <V453000> but go ahead :)
22:01:32  <coopserver> <V453000> guys I have a secret
22:01:36  <coopserver> <V453000> Meech isnt a smart person
22:06:53  <V453000> y u so dum den
22:08:30  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> 45 IQ IS BIG
22:08:46  <V453000> :D I see
22:08:56  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> Big
22:09:27  <BiG_MEEEEEEECH> U NEED MORE TRIANGLES <<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>> <_< ^_^ >_>
22:10:18  <happy> yo  meech
22:10:43  <happy> how  things
22:11:21  <happy> lol
22:18:19  *** KrunchyAl has joined #openttdcoop.stable
22:19:27  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
22:19:34  <coopserver> *** Firestar has joined
22:19:35  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
22:19:38  <coopserver> <Firestar> hey all
22:19:46  <coopserver> <Alpha> hi
22:21:06  <coopserver> <Firestar> nice taffic jam xD
22:21:43  <happy> hi
22:21:51  <coopserver> <Firestar> hi happy
22:23:14  <coopserver> *** Firestar has left the game (Leaving)
22:26:24  *** KrunchyAl has quit IRC
22:42:26  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
22:42:29  <coopserver> *** Vinnie has joined
22:42:29  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
22:42:44  <coopserver> <Vinnie> hi
22:42:47  <coopserver> <Alpha> hi
22:42:58  <happy> hi
22:43:16  <coopserver> *** Vinnie has joined company #4
22:43:38  <coopserver> <Vinnie> are you ok or do you need help?
22:45:24  <coopserver> <Vinnie> yow swag
22:45:50  <coopserver> <Vinnie> dutch invented word boss
22:47:00  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
22:47:10  <coopserver> *** BiG MeeCh has joined
22:47:10  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
22:47:15  <coopserver> <BiG MeeCh> $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
22:47:54  <coopserver> <BiG MeeCh> big boss sideline huustlers
22:48:16  <coopserver> <Vinnie> so we are both peeking at alpha
22:48:27  <coopserver> <Vinnie> im in the bushes, where are you?
22:49:27  <coopserver> <BiG MeeCh> HEYLL YEAH BOATS
22:49:43  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
22:49:45  <coopserver> *** black has joined
22:49:46  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
22:50:07  <coopserver> <BiG MeeCh> yo BLACK HSUSTLER
22:50:30  <coopserver> <black> hello
22:50:32  <coopserver> <black> :)
22:51:27  <coopserver> <Vinnie> wow
22:51:33  <coopserver> <Vinnie> you were so close
22:51:34  <coopserver> <black> bam
23:01:09  <coopserver> <V453000> gnight
23:01:13  <coopserver> *** V453000 has left the game (Leaving)
23:01:13  <coopserver> <Vinnie> cya
23:01:14  <coopserver> <Alpha> gn8
23:01:18  <coopserver> <BiG MeeCh> Bai V
23:02:00  <coopserver> <Vinnie> easy mode
23:03:13  <coopserver> *** black has started a new company #12
23:07:25  <coopserver> <Alpha> im done :D
23:07:48  <coopserver> <Vinnie> you not, missing connection
23:07:58  <coopserver> <Alpha> im donw with this fucking game
23:08:06  <coopserver> <Vinnie> haha
23:08:08  <coopserver> <black> lol
23:08:38  <coopserver> <Vinnie> want me to finish it?
23:08:54  <coopserver> <Alpha> are u serious
23:08:58  <coopserver> <Alpha> NEVER!
23:09:09  <coopserver> <Vinnie> so you lied you wanna play it :D
23:09:17  <coopserver> <Alpha> dude
23:09:27  <coopserver> <Alpha> i never gave up in my life
23:09:41  <coopserver> <BiG MeeCh> never gonna give you up
23:09:44  <coopserver> <Alpha> i just tried this to long
23:09:44  <coopserver> <BiG MeeCh> never gonna let you down
23:09:58  <coopserver> <Alpha> now its fucked
23:10:29  <coopserver> <Vinnie> because nukes are bad
23:10:39  <coopserver> <Alpha> nukes are good
23:10:42  <coopserver> <Alpha> u see?
23:11:02  <coopserver> <Vinnie> meanwhile network goes to shit
23:11:24  <coopserver> <Alpha> which nw?
23:11:28  <coopserver> <Vinnie> ours
23:12:00  <coopserver> <Vinnie> did you know that the previous hub needed 4 tiles to be complete
23:12:11  <coopserver> <Alpha> dude
23:12:19  <coopserver> <Alpha> its not first
23:12:28  <coopserver> <Alpha> but i dont give fucks
23:17:24  <coopserver> <Alpha> really
23:17:39  <coopserver> <Alpha> this is getting a real challange :D
23:18:15  <coopserver> <Vinnie> dude you got enough space for 2 hubs
23:19:04  *** KrunchyAl has joined #openttdcoop.stable
23:26:15  <coopserver> <black> gn
23:26:24  <coopserver> <Vinnie> gn
23:26:26  <coopserver> <black> Alpha dont give up ^^
23:26:27  <coopserver> <Alpha> n8
23:26:32  <coopserver> <Alpha> lol
23:26:32  <coopserver> *** black has left the game (Leaving)
23:27:08  *** KrunchyAl has quit IRC
23:30:01  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
23:30:06  <coopserver> *** Yugi_D has joined
23:30:07  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
23:31:02  <coopserver> *** Yugi_D has joined company #9
23:34:00  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
23:34:04  <coopserver> *** happy  tran sport has joined
23:34:05  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
23:34:08  <coopserver> <Cameron> wb
23:34:20  <coopserver> <happy  tran sport> thanks
23:36:05  <coopserver> *** happy  tran sport has left the game (Leaving)
23:36:41  <happy> gn  all   u mite see me to mor u mite not  so have fun
23:36:56  <coopserver> <Cameron> gn
23:37:30  <happy> got a lot ov  war  gams to play
23:38:26  <happy> alpha  u never  give  up on a net werk
23:38:27  *** happy has left #openttdcoop.stable
23:52:26  *** Brumi has quit IRC
23:56:37  <coopserver> *** Yugi_D has left the game (Leaving)

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