Log for #openttdcoop.stable on 11th June 2019:
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07:49:10  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
07:49:18  <coopserver> *** Nomotakat has joined
07:49:19  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
07:54:16  <coopserver> *** Nomotakat has left the game (Leaving)
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13:38:39  <happpy> !players
13:38:39  <coopserver> happpy: The server is empty, no one is connected. Feel free to remedy this situation
13:38:48  <happpy> !date
13:38:48  <coopserver> Mar 07 1949
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17:34:49  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
17:34:53  <coopserver> *** nirasa1957 has joined
17:34:54  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
17:35:24  <coopserver> *** nirasa1957 has left the game (Leaving)
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19:17:11  <happpy> @logs
19:17:11  <Webster> #openttdcoop IRC webstuff - IRC Log Viewer -
19:36:49  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
19:36:54  <coopserver> *** Blaat32 has joined
19:36:55  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
19:42:58  <happpy> hi
19:43:22  <coopserver> <Blaat32> hello
19:43:31  <happpy> how things going
19:44:21  <coopserver> <Blaat32> personally; fine. Game wise; still figuring out how this industry set works
19:45:30  <happpy> ok its yeti  set so all industry needs 2 supplies
19:45:44  <happpy> own is yeti
19:45:58  <coopserver> <Blaat32> I presume I need to start with yeti dudes to primaries?
19:46:12  <happpy> yes
19:46:25  <happpy> but yeti yard needs 3 supplies
19:47:01  <happpy> food and 3 is building materials
19:47:27  <happpy> the 3 own is not that in important
19:48:25  <coopserver> *** Blaat32 has started a new company #7
19:48:26  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
19:51:14  <happpy> there is a website that will help you to no what yeti is
19:51:19  <happpy>
19:55:36  <coopserver> <Blaat32> I guess auto refit between yeti dudes and tired yeti would make sense? but train set does not support/allow that, right?
19:57:19  <happpy> nuts train set  all Infantry cargo ar in all in own
19:57:33  <happpy> so you can do it
19:57:59  <coopserver> <Blaat32> yes but not at station
19:58:30  <happpy> no you do it in a deport
20:02:31  <happpy> so the train order shord be some thin Like this  order 1 fall load 2 unload  at the drop off station  3 find aney train deport  and refit to the cargo  your like 4 to the pick up bit not fall load 5 to  the drop off station  and 6 find aney deport and refit back to the 1 cargo
20:03:29  <coopserver> <Blaat32> yes I have something like that now, seems to work
20:04:05  <happpy> but when do this dont click on the deport   onley find the nearest depot
20:04:14  <coopserver> <Blaat32> why?
20:05:08  <happpy> because i did that mistake and ot fuck up my trains
20:05:17  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
20:05:19  <happpy> so i had to start a gen
20:05:25  <coopserver> <Blaat32> ok, will do, thanks
20:05:37  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
20:05:50  <happpy> np
20:05:57  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
20:06:15  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
20:06:17  <happpy> openttdcoop Wikipedia will help you
20:07:31  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
20:07:49  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
20:07:56  <happpy> some own got a bad internet
20:08:20  *** nirasa1957 has joined #openttdcoop.stable
20:11:57  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
20:12:15  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
20:14:23  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
20:14:39  <coopserver> *** nirasa1957 has joined
20:14:40  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
20:14:50  <happpy> hi
20:15:09  <coopserver> <nirasa1957> hi
20:15:17  <happpy> how things going
20:15:27  <coopserver> <nirasa1957> ok
20:16:31  <happpy> man i never seen so much fucking rain
20:17:24  <coopserver> <Blaat32> where is that?
20:17:29  <happpy> uk
20:18:13  <happpy> its been rain for 2 days so far
20:18:48  <coopserver> <Blaat32> must be quite exceptional... to be so in uk terms
20:19:53  <happpy> i live in uk so  this  muth meant to be 30  not 11 c
20:20:30  <happpy> more fucking rain in till Saturday
20:21:04  <coopserver> <Blaat32> this side of the pond (NL) ain't exactly great either.. we've even had small tornadoes recently
20:21:46  <happpy> woo i forr USA gets them
20:21:55  <happpy> fort #
20:22:40  <happpy> aney more or all ok now
20:28:24  <coopserver> *** nirasa1957 has joined company #4
20:30:52  <happpy> hi nirasa1957  can you help blaat32 if he needs it i think it's he ferst time  playing yeti grf
20:31:24  <coopserver> <nirasa1957> ok
20:39:14  <coopserver> <nirasa1957> hi Blaat32 first bring a lot of people from town to Work
20:41:06  <coopserver> <Blaat32> how does that work? towns produce passengers/mail, not yeti, or did I miss something?
20:41:28  <happpy> yet yard don't need people from town
20:41:42  <coopserver> <nirasa1957> sorry - i have game in czech...
20:42:03  <happpy> np
20:43:09  <coopserver> <nirasa1957> Blaat32 - people from town to 4X Worker Yard
20:44:48  <coopserver> <nirasa1957> a lot of people :-)
20:45:26  <coopserver> <Blaat32> but... yard does not accept people?
20:45:50  <happpy> true
20:46:26  <happpy> pax gos  to town to town
20:47:47  <happpy> to get building materials you needs wood stone and iron i think  or clay
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20:58:07  <coopserver> *** nirasa1957 has left the game (general timeout)
20:58:25  <nirasa1957> loss of connection :-(
20:59:19  <happpy> thats a rip
21:00:56  <nirasa1957> sorry my mistake - people don't go to the Workers Yard ... - but food etc.
21:01:19  <happpy> np
21:02:15  <nirasa1957> good night
21:02:36  <happpy> gn
21:02:42  <happpy> yeah me to
21:02:44  <happpy> gn
21:03:14  *** nirasa1957 has quit IRC
21:18:33  <coopserver> <Blaat32> goodnight
21:18:46  <coopserver> *** Blaat32 has left the game (Leaving)
21:18:47  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
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